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WATCH: Awesome GoPro Footage of an Aerial Elk Capture [VIDEO]

If you've ever wanted an up-close look at an elk capture, here's your chance.

Thanks to the New Mexico Game and Fish, and their trusty GoPro cameras, we get a front row seat during their 2012 helicopter elk capture.

With temperatures below freezing, I can imagine flying around in a helicopter can get pretty cold, but these guys tough it out and are able to capture and tag 35 elk.


They may have gotten their (frozen) butts kicked, but they did a fine job tagging so many elk.

We got our butts kicked a few times but we had a blast! The temperature was 8F in the mornings and remained about 28F throughout the day.

Elevation was 9,000 feet. Helicopter is a Bell JetRanger (206 BIII).

We captured 35 elk in two and a half days to put radio collars on them. Filmed on location in the beautiful Valles Caldera, NM.

The best part about all the technology we have available to us these days is that you can get a first-person perspective of just about anything. Hunting, fishing, extreme sports... you name it and the videos are available.

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WATCH: Awesome GoPro Footage of an Aerial Elk Capture [VIDEO]