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Drones vs. Animals Compilation: Which Will Come out on Top? [VIDEO]


When you're a robotic drone, it's a hard life out there.

Despite human praise and excitement over using aerial drones recently, it seems the animal world doesn't share the same thought. Apparently, they don't like the paparazzi hovering above their heads and invading their privacy.

These drone operators were just hoping for that special shot, but we all know how that usually goes.

Check out these videos of animals attacking drones below. It seems that in an animal vs. drone battle, the animals have the upper hand. Or paw, or claw, or talon, or horn.

1. Ram Butts Drone

Rams are definitely one creature you don't want to anger. Especially this one, which seemed to be having a bad day.


2. Chimpanzee Uses Tool

Well, apes have officially succeeded in using primitive weapons against our superior technology. "Planet of the Apes" has begun.


3. Cheetah Jump Shot

This playful cheetah was part of an experiment to see how the cats would respond to a drone flying above them. I'd say they were thrilled to test out its capabilities.


4. Eagle Snags Drone

This drone flies much like a bird, so it's no surprise that this eagle swoops in for an easy meal. Unfortunately, wires and plastic aren't very tasty.


5. Alligator Stalk

Luckily, the drone operator recognized the danger of a hungry alligator lurking below. The way this reptile propels itself out of the water after the drone is crazy!


6. Kangaroo Swat

Apparently, these kangaroos didn't like being spied on, so one of the larger ones promptly puts the drone down.


7. Hawks Don't Take Crap from Drones

This hawk comes blazing in at a fast clip to deal with its non-avian competitor.


8. Compilation

Finally, here's a whole bunch of animals all showing their distaste for a drone in their face. Some are more playful than others, but it seems even animals want their privacy.

Be careful when you fly your drone outside. You never know what animal may be having a bad day and quickly destroy it.

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Drones vs. Animals Compilation: Which Will Come out on Top? [VIDEO]