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Watch an Osprey Catch Its Prey in Slow Motion

osprey catch it's prey
Image via Screenshot

Seeing an osprey catch its prey is something that most outdoorsmen don’t ever actually get to experience, but today you do, and to make it even better, it’s in slow motion.

There are some things in nature and wilderness that you just have to be lucky to see; an osprey catching its prey is one of those things. Of course, the more time you spend out in the woods the better your chances are of getting lucky and actually being able to witness this amazing sight in person.

But for those of us who haven’t managed this feat just yet we sure are thankful there are videos like this one.

An amazing sight and one that I think all of us would eventually like to see in person. It looks like it might be time to head to Scotland to maybe have a better chance at this spectacle.

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Watch an Osprey Catch Its Prey in Slow Motion