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Watch Alaskan Gyrfalcons Hatch, Grow, and Fledge in 40 Seconds

Here’s an amazing stop-action video of Alaskan gyrfalcons from the egg to the wing in just 40 seconds.

The gyrfalcon is the largest of the falcons and generally lives on coastal cliffs in arctic areas of North America, Europe, and Asia.

It is an excellent hunter, as it takes small birds and mammals using its speed and flying prowess to attack from above and drive its prey in a horizontal pursuit.

The gyrfalcon’s plumage varies from all-white to silver, and to a dark brown as shown in this video.

Scientists installed a camera to keep a close eye on a breeding pair that has obviously been tracked. Leg bands can be seen on the parents and even the fledglings while they’re still fluffy white. The use of leg bands to track species is a great innovation to the conservation community.

The video is a bit hectic to watch because of the stop-action nature of it, but it genuinely shows growth from egg to flight. It’s always great to see one of nature’s great hunters living their lives to the fullest, but things like climate change and human interference can cause species like this to become vulnerable.


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Watch Alaskan Gyrfalcons Hatch, Grow, and Fledge in 40 Seconds