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Watch These Alaska Fishermen Flee from a Hungry Brown Bear [VIDEO]

Watch These Alaska Fishermen Flee From A Hungry Grizzly Bear

Watch these Alaska fishermen flee from a young, but hungry and fearless, brown bear that wants to eat part of their salmon catch from the Russian River.

Ever seen a group of fully grown fishermen flee from a bear before? Well, a young brown bear wanted an easy meal of freshly caught salmon on Alaska’s Russian River and paid a visit to these fishermen.

Even though it was a young bear, these fishermen wisely decided that discretion was the better part of valor and quickly vacated the area.

This left the bear free to rummage through their backpacks and help himself to some of their fish.

Dealing with hungry bears is part of doing business as a fisherman in Alaska, especially on the Russian River. Fortunately, nobody got hurt in this case and the fishermen were able to scare off the bear by throwing rocks at it.

This is a good reason to carry bear spray and travel armed when out in bear country, because things can quickly turn ugly when dealing with a bear in the wild.

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Watch These Alaska Fishermen Flee from a Hungry Brown Bear [VIDEO]