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Watch a World Champion Knife Thrower Hit a Target at 17 Meters

knife throwing world champion

This is what a world champion knife thrower looks like.

Remember those camping trips where someone had the bright idea to try to throw an axe into a tree stump? Seemed like it was damn near impossible to ever get it right, and that was from eight feet away. Therefore, you crossed off the possibility of ever becoming a championship knife thrower.

Watch this world champion knife thrower nail a target 17 meters away. Now, that’s serious!

Buck knives has been long known for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship by hunters and outdoors enthusiasts all across the globe. From their popular folding knives to fixed-blade skinners, you honestly can’t go wrong packing one on your next outdoor adventure. But, few know that Buck also makes a series of  knives for those who enjoy the art of throwing. Check out the Kinetic series from Buck; it’s one awesome-looking set of knives that’s bound to do the trick for the serious knife thrower.

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Watch a World Champion Knife Thrower Hit a Target at 17 Meters