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This Catfish Decided It Wanted Fingers for Lunch

Have you ever seen a catfish eat somebody’s fingers? Well here’s what it looks like.

We spend all this time and money trying to find the perfect bait that will fill the stringer and give us a belly full of fried catfish.

Who knew that all you had to do was stick your fingers in front of their greedy little faces? Noodlers everywhere rejoice!

Okay so was that cat hungry, just want to taste this guy’s fingers, or was it pretty much sick of the diver and sending him a message? My money’s on the last one.

It’s a good thing that most noodlers out there can’t see the evil grin on catfish like this or they might not do it anymore.

Yeah right, they do it because of the evil grin!



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This Catfish Decided It Wanted Fingers for Lunch