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Watch 3,000 Reindeer Migrate Across a Freezing Straight [VIDEO]

Near the end of a 1,600 mile journey, these arctic reindeer migrate across a mile and a half freezing straight. 

On their way to spend the summer feeding on the plants of the tundra, 3,000 reindeer must cross the freezing cold water. The mile and half swim takes over an hour to complete, and the young reindeer calves are exhausted.

Watch to see how one young girl makes sure the reindeer migrate successfully, no matter how fatigued they are.

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Look at that swarm of reindeer! Maybe somebody should build them a bridge next year...

With the intense music, you just find yourself rooting for the little Rudolphs, don't you?

Luckily the pack makes it this year and continues on their migration.

What stunning landscape.

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Watch 3,000 Reindeer Migrate Across a Freezing Straight [VIDEO]