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Watch 2 Bull Moose Battle in an Alaskan Suburb [VIDEO]

This bull moose battle in an Alaskan neighborhood gets pretty intense.

So, this bull moose battle happened in Alaska. Specifically in an Alaskan suburb. And you may not have noticed it the first time, but the best part of this video is definitely the U.S. Postal worker sitting dumbfounded in his truck, just waiting this one out. Good call.

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Bull moose usually fight for mating rights, and it’s on a pretty regular schedule. Their mating season (referred to as the rut) lasts every year from late August to early October, and bouts between bull moose for access to fertile females can last hours.

The rut should not be confused with “sparring,” which is a form of play fighting often practiced to gear up for the mating season. Head-butting between two grown males can be heard more than a mile away and bull moose battles often end in injury or death.

Which is why our aforementioned postal worker is pretty smart to stay in the truck.

You can hunt moose in Alaska, with the season usually kicking off in late August/early September, so long as the moose your hunting are legal. And what if they happen to be fighting in your backyard?

Guess that concealed carry permit might come in handy this season…

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Watch 2 Bull Moose Battle in an Alaskan Suburb [VIDEO]