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Watch this $10,000 Knife Butcher a Bluefin Tuna [VIDEO]

I guess when you’re working on a bluefin tuna which market price fetches thousands of dollars, a $10,000 knife doesn’t sound too far out of the question. But does it perform enough to cost more than a used car?

The term “knife” may be an understatement here. Maybe “sword” would be more appropriate.

There’s 600 pounds of tuna here, so your standard fish filleting kit has to be upscaled to meet the challenge. Watch as this blade practically falls through scales, skin, fat and muscle tissue.

Now I’m hungry and wondering how long a fish like that could last me.

You can get a close-up of the knife in action in this shorter clip, complete with sounds of the knife separating tissue.

The guy wielding that blade is a craftsman. The familiarity with which he guides it along makes it clear he knows what he’s doing. When there’s so much value on the table (literally), I don’t suppose they’ll let a rookie come in and start hacking away.

The upside from this video for us fishermen is that we can now upgrade our own filet knives without being accused of spending too much. We can always point back to this blade for reference if the accusation comes up.

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Watch this $10,000 Knife Butcher a Bluefin Tuna [VIDEO]