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Are You Wasting Time While Bass Fishing? [VIDEO]

Some people waste time time while bass fishing by missing one big thing. Don’t be one of them. 

Gene, star of Flukemaster Reviews, warns bass fisherman to not waste their time on the water in this educational video.

Not all fish are created equal and they definitely don’t school or surface equal. Watch this video and make sure you’re not chasing the wrong fish.

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Have you been wasting your time bass fishing? Many people chase the wrong fish simply because they don’t know how bass school or surface. Gene tells us carp come completely out of the water, and bass “pop” the water and “push some of it off to the side.”

This man loves to educate , but there’s no teacher like mother nature herself. Listen to the splashes for yourself, develop a natural ear for it, and  “Get out on the water. Go catch some fish.”

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Are You Wasting Time While Bass Fishing? [VIDEO]