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Washington State Citizens Get To Name Wolf Packs They Discover

Washington state wolf watchers have the chance to name wolf packs.

According to Rich Landers, Spokesman Review Outdoors writer, multiple people have taken on the responsibility in documenting new wolf packs in Washington state, which has earned them the opportunity to dub the packs with their official names.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is helping biologists identify the wolves, alongside a few watchers, in hopes to monitor the packs to see the whereabouts.

Tracking the wolf packs will help monitor the size increase or decrease of these packs. It is estimated that Washington has 14 confirmed wolf packs with at least three more suspected within the state's boundaries.

It is said that many people feel wolves to be a nuisance, killing herds of sheep and cows throughout Washington. However, wildlife biologists believe that wolves are a necessary part of nature.

The wolf pack followers come from all parts of life. One is a hiker, another a rancher, and the latter amongst the most distinguished wolf watchers. They all share something similar - they want to understand the wolf packs and their behaviors throughout Washington state.

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Washington State Citizens Get To Name Wolf Packs They Discover