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Washington Salmon Swimming, Make That Uproad

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Who needs a fishing pole to catch salmon when a baseball bat and a dog will do?

Washington's Skokomish River is the "most flood-prone river" in the state. Here we see evidence of its propensity to flood as numerous salmon swim against the current onto roads and into fields and yards, during what looks like their annual spawning run.

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A man and his dog walk down the middle of a flooded road where the fish are crossing. He carries a bat in one hand and a stringer loaded with late-run salmon. His dog briefly chases one scurrying fish before grabbing it in his mouth like a grizzly bear catching salmon at the base of a river's falls.

These scenes of the flooded Skokomish River were captured by Daniel Strothman for Seattle's KOMO News.

Say, why did the salmon cross the road?

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Washington Salmon Swimming, Make That Uproad