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Washington Ground Squirrel Pest Control with a .22 [VIDEO]

Ground squirrel shooting in eastern washington

Here’s a cool video of some ground squirrel shooting in Washington. Ground squirrels are very prolific and can cause lots of property damage if not controlled.

Also known as “sage rats,” ground squirrels are incredibly abundant creatures and are capable of causing extensive damage to crops, fields, and farm equipment if left unchecked. Due to this, they are considered varmints in many western states.

This is good news for hunters. Since they are so unpopular among farmers, getting permission to shoot some ground squirrels is often pretty simple. With a rifle chambered in .17 HMR or .22 long rifle and plenty of ammo, it is possible to shoot literally hundreds of ground squirrels in a single day.

As you can see, ground squirrel shooting is fast-paced and action packed.

If you live in an area with a big ground squirrel population, get in touch with some nearby farmers. They would probably love to have you come out and shoot a few dozen (or more) to keep them from completely taking over their land.

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Washington Ground Squirrel Pest Control with a .22 [VIDEO]