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Washington Family Tries to Outsmart Pig-Snatching Bear

A family in Washington is losing their pigs to a hungry bear. 

The Hills have been mysteriously losing pigs at their small farm in Clayton, Washington. Megan Hill has a specific routine each morning on their farm; she feeds the barn cats and then heads to the pig pen, where the pigs have been year after year.

“We put them in the same pen every year and have never had a problem with anything,” Megan Hill said.

One day, a pig went missing. Hill found the pig’s remains nearby but didn’t know what kind of animal had been indulging on pork.

She called Washington’s Fish and Wildlife Department and they set up a camera near the pigpen. That night, a bear was caught on camera sneaking into the pen. Keith Kirsch, with the Department, is no stranger to livestock being meals for wild animals.

“This is a battle we fight every year, we tell people to just lock up everything that you can. Anything that might attract a bear you gotta secure it.” 

Kirsch reminds everyone that bears have incredible memories. If the bear can get an easy pork meal one night, you can bet he’ll be back for some more.

Since they have caught the pig-stealer, officials have attached a bear trap to the pig pen. If the bear comes back for another piggy, it will be trapped and sedated in order to be studied. Fish and Wildlife officials will release the bear, after it’s been tagged, far away from the Hill’s farm.

The bear will have to go back to a woods diet, and will hopefully forget the taste of bacon soon.

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Washington Family Tries to Outsmart Pig-Snatching Bear