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Washington Bow Hunter Survives Black Bear Attack

A Washington bow hunter is lucky to be alive after a close brush with an angry black bear.

Hunter Jerry Hause's bow hunting season opener last week was a day he likely won't ever forget. Hause, 60, fought for his life when a black bear cub ambushed him and chased him up a tree, according to the The Longview Daily News.

"It totally amazes me how fast that bear got on me. In three seconds it was on me," Hause said. "I was thinking, 'If it gets me out of this tree I'm a dead man.'"

"It was mad, it was growling. It was serious about what it was going to do."

Hause, of Longview, was hunting with his son on Labor Day in a remote area of the upper Abernathy Creek area eight miles west of Longview. He was getting ready to drive game towards his son, who was in a tree stand, when he spotted the bear

"I'd already hiked about three miles so I sat down to take a break before I tried to push some (game) back to him," said Hause. "I took my backpack off and sat my bow down and as I was sitting there I started looking around and ... I saw a black head which I thought was a bear," Hause said from his home Thursday. "I've hunted this area for 30-plus years and I've never seen a bear up there."

Hause quickly climbed into a tree to escape the bear, but the angry bruin climbed up after him and bit into his leg. With no more room to climb higher in the tree, Hause held onto a branch, as the bear tried to claw him.

Remembering from a TV show he'd watched that sharks retreat when punched in the nose, Hause tried the same tactic on the bear. It worked. With one blow square to the bear's nose, the angry animal retreated.

After the bear left, Hause hiked back to his truck and drove to a hospital where he was treated for his wounds.

Washington Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Bob Weaver told The Longview Daily News that bear attacks in Washington are rare.

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Washington Bow Hunter Survives Black Bear Attack