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Washington Anglers Await Important Fishing Decison from Officials

Q13 Fox

Westport, a fishing town, awaits the impending decision from lawmakers that will directly affect Washington anglers.

The salmon season in Washington could be cut short or canceled altogether and this has Washington anglers concerned about the town’s prosperity.

Check out this news clip and find out what factors are currently being considered by lawmakers for the upcoming salmon season.

According to reports the coastal coho and Puget Sound stocks is weak and will have to be evaluated in regards to the salmon season. As a result the season may be cut back or canceled.

Butch Henry, a commercial fisherman in the area, told reporters about the town’s history, “Westport is known as the salmon capital of the world. The people of this town rely on that salmon season every year.”

Reports show that, “The salmon industry typically brings in around $6 million a year to Westport,” and this decision will greatly affect the community and Washington angeles alike.



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Washington Anglers Await Important Fishing Decison from Officials