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Warthog Shows Leopard Who’s Boss

A warthog demonstrates the powerful launching capabilities of its tusks in this nature video.

What does it take to really piss off a warthog? Trying to eat one of his fellow pigs alive ought to do the trick.

In this short video, a group of warthogs is ambushed by a hungry leopard. The cat singles out one of the smaller pigs, and quickly starts to gnaw on the desperate piglet. One of the larger warthogs comes rushing in full speed to the rescue. The confrontation is quick and blurry, but it appears the warthog uses its powerful tusks to launch the leopard a few feet into the air. Notice the giraffe on stage left watching the whole thing go down.

In the US, wild hogs are a huge pest problem. Each year they cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to crops, livestock and agriculture. Hunting regulations on wild hogs in the US are much more lenient than other game species, because both the Federal government and local and state governments want their populations drastically reduced.

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Warthog Shows Leopard Who’s Boss