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Warren Sapp Gives the Crazy Details on His Florida Shark Incident

Warren Sapp

The details of Warren Sapp’s sharkbite incident are even crazier than we first thought. 

By now you’ve likely heard the story about NFL hall of famer Warren Sapp being bitten by a shark while fishing for lobster in Florida. At the time, the details were a little vague of exactly what happened. Early reports said he simply reached for a lobster at the same time as the shark.

According to Sapp, the truth is a little crazier. Listen to him give all the details to Rich Eisen on his show.

Warren, I know you’re a big guy and you used to get paid to beat the crap out of quarterbacks in the NFL, but grabbing a shark? Come on, that was never going to turn out well! He must have been pining for his old days on the gridiron when he did this.

You can’t say the guy doesn’t love his hobby though. Maybe he should go fishing with the Australian guide who recently patched up a shark bite with duct tape so his clients should keep fishing. These guys both seem to have the same determination to keep fishing!

I’ve got to agree with Eisen here, get that thing patched up by a professional Warren, that’s one nasty bite!



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Warren Sapp Gives the Crazy Details on His Florida Shark Incident