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Warmer Winter Weather is Making Squirrels Extra Tubby This Year

The U.K. and much of North America is experiencing a warmer than average winter, which means there is more food available to make squirrels extra fat this season.

England has had the warmest and wettest winter on record and there isn’t much snow on the ground in Ontario and Quebec, which is uncharacteristic this late in the season. What this warmer weather means is that many trees aren’t losing all their foliage or even nuts, providing squirrels with more food.

Squirrels don’t hibernate; instead, they pack on the pounds in order to have enough calories to last through the winter.

Long story short, there are a lot of really fat squirrels out there. Here are some examples.

The Weather Network/ Jim Middleton


Telegraph UK/BPM


Telegraph UK/BPM

The Weather Network/ Thomas Walker

The Weather Network/ Oranus Varzgar

Some of these squirrels are bordering on being obese, which may make it harder for them to escape predators this winter. Colder weather will eventually arrive, which will force the squirrels to shed a few calories while trying to stay warm.

If you live in an area where it is legal to hunt squirrels, many seasons run through February, these fat squirrels may make for some great soup.

But they are also fun to just laugh at as they waddle over fences and power lines.


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Warmer Winter Weather is Making Squirrels Extra Tubby This Year