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Warm Weather This Winter is Confusing Wildlife

Daily Mail

This winter’s warm weather can have lasting negative effects on animals.

People are enjoying the unseasonable warm temperatures, and that holds true for animals from bears to bugs as well. Biologists in Utah are concerned over this winter’s warm weather. Bears are coming out of hibernation early only to find that the berries and other foods they forage for are unavailable. This leaves the concern that bears will search for food in other places that could lead to more human encounters.

The warm weather also seems to be affecting bird’s behavior. Specifically, biologists are concerned with the sage grouse mating patterns. This unseasonal weather pattern is bringing out the male sage grouse two months earlier than normal. They fear this may adversely affect their already dwindling population.


Biologists believe the warm winter weather is also affecting deer and elk. They are concerned the budding plants and grasses these animals eat may die due to freezing temperatures if winter resurfaces.

Weather, to say the least, is unpredictable. A significant change in weather can cause problems for animals that are reliant on the weather. These changes may have long lasting effects that may take time to recover from.

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Warm Weather This Winter is Confusing Wildlife