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Which War Horse Reigns Supreme? Mauser vs. Mosin Duel [VIDEO]

When it comes to historic firearms, these two contenders are at the top of many collectors' lists. Which comes out on top in a series of rifle challenges?

In this incredible video, the guys over at TFB put the Russian Mosin through the ringer against the German Mauser in various bolt-action rifle challenges.

Comparative videos like this are always interesting to watch, especially considering the historic value of each of these guns as landmarks of both World War I and II.

The Mosin-Nagant of Russia, seen here in the 1943 model, is a great cornerstone firearm to begin your historic collection, if that's a hobby route you want to head down. The guys make a point to note that it's a decently-priced option to begin your collection with.

The Mauser of Germany is arguably one of the best bolt-action rifles ever created, maintaining an incredibly high accuracy rate.

Which do you prefer? We'd love to hear some spirited debate!

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Which War Horse Reigns Supreme? Mauser vs. Mosin Duel [VIDEO]