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War on Guns: Protecting Freedom from “Anti-Freedom Loopholes”


Freedom always comes at a price. Kirsten Joy Weiss breaks down the history of how people have been stripped of their gun rights through “anti-freedom loopholes.”

With the election here, nerves are on end and everyone is wondering what the future holds for our great country. As an industry and group of passionate people, those in the outdoor world, as well as people all around the country, see their rights being threatened. Remember, our freedom came at a price.

“The right to bear arms” is a popular term we hear thrown around. Many people feel that our rights for the future are going to be tested, and they might have a case.

If you don’t know Kirsten, she is a professional shooter who is very knowledgeable about firearms and firearm legislation. Weiss takes us back in time to show instances when anti-freedom loopholes were used to strip people of their rights to protect themselves.

Listen in and assess the situation we’ve found ourselves in.

Let this sink in and then discuss it with others. We, as a nation, are on a slippery slope, but luckily for our country, that decision is in our hands.

Kirsten lays it all out and asks, “Will you choose leaders that uphold the constitution?”

Leaders can only do so much, but we must bind together as a nation, and represent ourselves against corruption and anti-freedom loopholes.

Do your part in saving our rights, saving ourselves, and saving our country.

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War on Guns: Protecting Freedom from “Anti-Freedom Loopholes”