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Who Wants to Shoot the SIG MCX? [VIDEO]


The new SIG MCX brings new meaning to the world of AR-15 adaptability.

The SIG MCX, from SIG SAUER, is an adaptable weapon system with a lot of impressive features. One of the best features of the SIG MCX is the backwards compatibility it features with an AR-15 lower assembly.

The adaptability doesn’t stop at backwards compatibility. It also allows the user to easily change barrels including those of a different caliber and length.

Check out the video below, straight from SIG SAUER themselves, to learn more about the SIG MCX weapon platform.

The ability to use the SIG MCX platform to build a weapon system perfect for any scenario makes it very appealing to shooters and gun enthusiasts of all kinds.

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Who Wants to Shoot the SIG MCX? [VIDEO]