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Who Wants a Buffalo Kiss? [VIDEO]

Feeding wildlife is not really the best but baiting out that tongue is irresistible. 

This buffalo’s home is the Olympic Game Farm that was once used exclusively by Walt Disney for filming. And this bison wishes he was in a Disney movie.

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Now you can drive through Olympic Game Farm and see some wildlife (slash, feed them through windows).


That tongue wraps around the girl’s arm at some point. It’s okay, it’s just a buffalo kiss!

On the Drive Tour through Olympic Game Farm you can see llama, Tibetan yak,  elk, American bison, spotted fallow deer, sika deer, European fallow deer, zebra & domestic horses.

You are allowed to give the little buddies bread but you still must be cautious. Olympic Game Farm says:

While enjoying the interaction from the elk and bison, keep in mind they can get aggressive, so we do ask for visitors to keep their vehicles moving at all times in those two areas to prevent damage to your vehicle or cars that may be behind you.

Drive by bison kisses!

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Who Wants a Buffalo Kiss? [VIDEO]