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Want to See Some Giant Rabbits? [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen giant rabbits like this? These things grew up to four feet long.

No, this isn’t a children’s story. These rabbits, Jeff and Darius, have grown to over three feet long. Seriously.

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See a bunny’s eye view as you hop along with these giant rabbits.


Darius is the largest rabbit in the world, weighing 49 pounds and measuring over four feet long. His son, Jeff, is not far behind at three feet eight inches, and is still growing.

Jeff and Darius are continental giant rabbits and live with the Johnson family. Seven-year-old Ava Johnson can barely pick the big boys up.

These rabbits were originally bred for meat. And although Jeff and Darius are sweet pets, they would probably make a mean stew.

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Want to See Some Giant Rabbits? [VIDEO]