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Want to Know What a 17-Pound Lobster Looks Like? [PICS]


On March 27 Jesse Tudor caught a giant 17-pound lobster off Nova Scotia.

Jesse Tudor, a fisherman from Brier Island, Nova Scotia, caught a really big lobster last week. The lobster weighed 17 pounds and isn’t even the biggest lobster Tudor has caught in his life.

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Tudor had been fishing the Nova Scotia coast looking for a big catch and finally brought one in on March 27.

“We thought, ‘Finally we got a big one,’ because we’ve been hunting for that bugger for a while and it finally came up.”


Tudor has caught a 19-pound lobster in the past.

Lobsters this big can be eaten but it depends on how you cook them. Generally, Tudor sticks to the little guys.

“I only eat big scallops, I eat small lobsters,” he said.

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Want to Know What a 17-Pound Lobster Looks Like? [PICS]