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Want to Do Something Insanely Easy to Protect Our Public Lands? Sign This Petition

Want To Do Something Insanely Easy To Protect Our Public Lands? Sign This Petition
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Sign this petition TODAY to protect our public lands. Doing so is easy and you’ll be working to protect hunting and fishing access for future generations.

The American people collectively own over 640 million acres of public land, much of which is open to outdoor recreation like hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. Unfortunately, there is an ongoing effort by politicians in Congress as well as in several state legislatures to transfer a large portion of the federally managed public lands to the states.

Make no mistake: transferring federally managed public lands to the states WILL result in the loss of millions of acres of public land for average sportsmen and women.

These efforts are opposed by a number of conservation groups like the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Pheasants Forever, the National Wildlife Federation, the Dallas Safari Club, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. This is not the first time we’ve discussed the subject of public land transfer here on Wide Open Spaces and you can learn more about the subject by checking out some of the videos made by Randy Newberg where he discusses the subject in detail (here, here, here, and here). Check out those articles and watch the video below to learn more about why the transfer of our federally managed public lands would be a bad idea.

What can you do to help protect our public lands? Visit this this web site, click the “Sign The Petition” button, and fill out the required information in the form that pops up. This will notify your representatives in your state legislature, your governor, and the members of your congressional delegation that you do not support the transfer of federally managed public lands to the states and that you want to #KeepItPublic.

Please share this article with your friends, family, and all the other sportsmen and women that you know. Together, we can help keep our public land public.

Let your elected representatives know that you will not stand idly by while you allow them to deprive us of our birthright by transferring our irreplaceable public lands to the states, where it would then likely be sold off the highest bidder.

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Want to Do Something Insanely Easy to Protect Our Public Lands? Sign This Petition