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Want to See a Tannerite Magic Trick? Get Ready for This

Tannerite Magic Trick

Tannerite has shown it’s capabilities in numerous ways but now we can see a disappearing car act with this Tannerite magic trick.

Tannerite was originally developed to help assist long range riflemen with their practice. A quick, small explosion with a plume of smoke is a clear indicator of whether or not you hit your target. However, since it’s development, it has become so much more than just that.

Check out what it’s capable of with this Tannerite magic trick.

See how it was able to make an entire car disappear right in front of your very eyes? That is a true Tannerite magic trick, something that cannot be done by mere rifles alone.

In all seriousness though, this is what it looks like when a car is packed down with 49 pounds of Tannerite and then detonated. Once the pieces fly past the camera, you can barely spot any trace of the car that was just seconds before resting directly in front of the camera.

While videos like this are fun and quite amazing, let’s just hope that people are safe enough with Tannerite that it doesn’t get a bad wrap and end up being labeled as to dangerous and get taken away.

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Want to See a Tannerite Magic Trick? Get Ready for This