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Want to See a Lady Take a Black Carp Bath? [VIDEO]

When you can wade into a pool full of moving black carp, taking a Jacuzzi has a whole new meaning.

A vacationing woman and her friends decided it was time to cool off. Fortunately for them, there was a grotto filled with some amazingly docile fish. Looks as if it’s quite relaxing, too!

A natural pool teeming with fish that we can wade through? When can we go?

Apparently in Thailand there are conservation areas where tourists can wade into the water and even feed these black carp green beans of some kind. The waterfall at the beginning of the video is beautiful enough, but the grotto has a sense of wonder about it that only calm water can bring.

It’s hard to tell if the fish are there to stay or if there is some kind of outlet somewhere. It seems with so many of them, that they must be able to travel elsewhere downstream.

So would you wade through a natural pool filled with fish like this woman?

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Want to See a Lady Take a Black Carp Bath? [VIDEO]