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If You Want to Catch Monster Alaskan Rainbows, Use Mice for Bait

Did you know Alaskan rainbows are suckers for mice? 

Located in the Western part of Alaska, the waters of the Aniak river offer some of the best trout fishing in the world. During the summer months, Alaskan rainbows are hungry and looking to eat just about anything that moves. If you happen to find yourself waist deep in the Aniak chasing these fish around that time of year, make sure you are using a mouse.

As you are about to see in this great video from Fly Out TV, big Alaskan rainbows flat out crush mice as they are popped and pulled on the surface.

If you are like me, this video will cause you a decent amount of anxiety as well.

Did you have any idea trout love mice that much? Watching those topwater hits sure is addictive!

With fishing scenes like this more common than not, Alaska remains as one of the top fishing destinations for trout lovers all over the world. The opportunity to catch trout on lures you would otherwise fish for bass only makes fisherman want check this destination off their list even more.

Here's to maybe making this dream a reality sooner than later!

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If You Want to Catch Monster Alaskan Rainbows, Use Mice for Bait