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Ever Made Candles from Empty Shotgun Shells? Let Us Show You How [PICS]

Looking for a fun way to DIY all of those empty shotgun shells? 

These ornate shells can also spruce up cabin and are extremely useful in an emergency. Here are the steps to make your very own empty shotgun shell candles.

1. Get your supplies together.

You will need your empty 12-gauge shotgun shells, bees wax in block or granule form (about 4 ounces for six candles), soy wicks (they are stiffer than average wicks) or wooden wicks, container to put bees wax in, a double boiler, and a spoon. Also make sure to have clips and clothespins ready to hold your wicks in place.


2. Melt your beeswax.

Warm bathwater works, or use your favorite double boiler method.


Note: Make sure that you keep an eye on your beeswax after it melts, it will set up very quickly because it cools so rapidly.


3. While your beeswax is melting, you can get your wicks ready.

Clips work well to hold the wooden wicks in place. If you’re using soy wicks, you can use a clothespin to hold it straight.


4. Pour your beeswax into the shot shells, then immediately add your wicks.

Leave about one quarter of space at the top of the shot shell.




5. Allow the shell candles to sit about one hour before use.

This will allow the beeswax to set up completely.


6. Trim your wicks to about 1/4″ or so.




Make sure you use something underneath the candles as melting wax, plastic hull material, and heat may affect some surfaces.

Unfortunately, these shotgun shell candles are a single use item, but are fairly easy to make. So try yours out and get to making that second batch.

All images by Eric Nestor

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Ever Made Candles from Empty Shotgun Shells? Let Us Show You How [PICS]