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Want to Live in a Treehouse? Check These Out [VIDEO]

If your lifelong dream is to live in the a treehouse, here’s some good news. 

Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, many people are beginning to adopt livable treehouse or “treesorts.”

Society’s interest for treehouses has rising drastically in recent history. Various shows have emerged along with overall demand of treehouses.

Learn more about livable treehouses in the short documentary.

The treehouses in this video are breathtaking. Some treehouse owners have even created a revenue stream by renting out their treehouse or by living in the treehouse and renting out their personal home.

A 12-foot by 12-foot treehouse costs only $5,000 for material and takes approximately four and a half months to build. Treehouses might make a great addition for an expanding household.

A common theme among treehouse connoisseurs is the fact they completely love living in their adult fort. They get quality rest and have an overall greater outlook on life.

I guess some fresh air and sunlight can do that.

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Want to Live in a Treehouse? Check These Out [VIDEO]