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Want to Know How Your Taxidermist Really Works? [VIDEO]

Ever wondered why it takes your taxidermist so long to get your trophy back to you?

If you have ever thought that your taxidermist was taking too long on your mount or charging you too much you need to see this time lapse video recently posted to Facebook of taxidermist Rob Jordan.

Seeing what takes your taxidermist an entire day to do will really open up your eyes about how difficult their job actually is.


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While it does appear that Jordan gets a lot of work done, you have to remember that this is a time-lapse and all that work is actually taking a lot longer than it appears. So remember, don’t rush your taxidermist. You only get one chance to have a great mount of your trophy. Give your taxidermist time to do the work and the results will be worth it.

Ask your taxidermist for a video that you can time-lapse. If your taxidermist will film it, it is an awesome way to see your mount come to life.

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Want to Know How Your Taxidermist Really Works? [VIDEO]