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Want to Hand Feed a Tarpon? Apparently You Can at This Florida Marina [VIDEO]

Have you ever had the desire to hand feed a tarpon? If so, we found the place for you to do it.

Florida is widely regarded as America’s greatest fishing destination. The Florida Keys are home to many highly desirable species of game fish, like snook, red drum, bonefish and even tarpon.

Tarpon are very aggressive feeders, and often totally breach the surface of the water while being fought by an angler. These fish are a little bit more tame; while at this marina, they expect to be fed, and fed well.

A friend of mine just got back from a trip there, and he and his family had a great time. They caught many species of fish, but one day they decided to try something a little bit different. Check out the video to see what happened.

My buddy also posted a video on his YouTube channel of a day trip where they actually caught some of these fish, but I somehow wonder if he had more fun trying to hand feed a tarpon.

They were able to let the large fish take the bait directly from their hands, and also threw some pieces out into the water and watched the fish greedily scrap over the offerings.

Looked like fun to me!

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Want to Hand Feed a Tarpon? Apparently You Can at This Florida Marina [VIDEO]