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Want to Go Trout Fishing in Iceland?

If trout fishing in Iceland is on your bucket list, you may want to check out Frontier International Travel as an outfitter.

Iceland is extremely well known as one of the best trout and char destinations on the planet. A website was recently created by the sporting outfitter Frontiers International Travel that is strictly for fishing in Iceland.

June 11 -19 Frontier’s Iceland offerings will include popular guides Barry and Cathy Beck, that will host a brown trout fishing tour that starts at $7,256 per person.

The hefty price tag will have you and the Becks fishing on the 12,000-year-old Lake Thingvallavatn, which is also one of the country’s largest lakes. That’s just the beginning as you will also find yourself in the Highland regions, which include fishing spots like the Tungnaa and Kaldakvisl River.

During the first part of your trip, lodging will be at the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, where you will be surrounded by mountainous lava fields. The Ion is also home to the Silfra Restaurant that will be providing a Nordic cuisine. Later in the trip, you will find yourself at Iceland’s most active volcanic area at the Hotel Highland.

Sounds like some quality international fishing.

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Want to Go Trout Fishing in Iceland?