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Want to Go Fishing for Great Whites? These Guys Do All the Time

Fishing for great whites is a flat out bucket list adventure.

Can you imagine being on a boat and actually fishing for great whites? Considering I have made half my career out of fishing but have an irrational fear about swimming in the ocean because of sharks, catching a great white on a rod and reel would be an opportunity I don’t think I could pass up.

When pictures and videos of a recent trip by Outcast Sport Fishing resulted in an actual caught, tagged, and release great white, I had to go in for a closer look. Fishing for these sharks out of South Carolina is what these guys do. I think I want in on the action. 

Chip Michalove is the owner and Captain of the charters that go after these giant fish. However, even though great whites aren’t all they target, the fact they do is simply amazing.

As seen below, this picture is what caught my eye. According to their Facebook page, it was caught on March 9th.

Outcast Sport Fishing

Before any nasty comments start flying about fishing for great whites, these sharks are caught for research and are data tagged when released. You can read Michalove’s comments about it below.

“2,500lb Great White Shark caught and tagged and released, off Hilton Head tonight. This is our 5th white shark hook up of the winter, and 3rd one landed. Troy Bowman, from Bulls Gap, TN. had no idea what he was up against this afternoon. We started off catching a few bull redfish, then we hooked into this big lady at 2:50pm. We weren’t exactly sure how big she was, initially, but after a 2 minute blistering run, she jumped completely out of the water, I wish I had a shot of that. After an insane battle, we ended up getting her boat side at about 7pm to apply an acoustic tag near the dorsal and take DNA sample from her pec fin. She swam off healthy and looking forward to finding out where our South Carolina great whites go. Big thanks to John Brackett, who took the time to come see us and take a few pictures in the pitch black night. More pics to come, all 874 of them!”

Yep. This is something I’m going to have to do one day before I die.



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Want to Go Fishing for Great Whites? These Guys Do All the Time