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Want a Free TrackingPoint Rifle to Fight ISIS?

Want A Free TrackingPoint Rifle To Fight ISIS And Al Qaeda

Interested in a free TrackingPoint rifle to fight ISIS? Read on to learn how to get one of the rifles to use in the fight against terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

If you’re chomping at the bit to take the fight to ISIS, then I’ve got some good news for you: you might be able to get a free TrackingPoint rifle to use as a force multiplier in the fight against the terrorist group.

Yes, you read that right: the Texas based company is offering free TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms to those who can legally get them to the Middle-East to use against ISIS.

Specifically, TrackingPoint has ten free M600 SRs and/or M800 DMRs earmarked for the first U.S. organization that can legally get them into the fight against ISIS.

While I’ve been a vocal critic of using TrackingPoint rifles for hunting, they are ideal tools for military snipers. If a handful of TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms got into the hands of those battling ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist group would very likely have a nasty situation on their hands.

John McHale, the CEO of TrackingPoint said:

We firmly believe that the M600 SR and M800 DMR will save countless lives and enable our soldiers to dominate enemy combatants including terrorists. It’s hard to sit back and watch what is happening over there. We want to do our part. Ten guns don’t sound like a lot but the dramatic leap in lethality is a great force multiplier. Those ten guns will feel like two hundred to the enemy.

The M600 Service Rifle (below) is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and is advertised to deliver an 87% First-Shot-Success-Probability out to 600 yards on a target moving at up to 15 miles per hour. This rifle is normally sold for $9,995.

FreeTrackingPoint rifle

The M800 Designated Marksman Rifle (top of the page) is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and is advertised to deliver an 89% First-Shot-Success-Probability out to 800 yards on a target moving up to 20 miles per hour. This rifle is normally sold for $15,995.

As good as getting a free TrackingPoint rifle to use against ISIS may sound, the reality is that getting it into the Middle East legally is going to be extremely difficult. TrackingPoint admits on their website that the United States Departments of State and Defense have severely restricted export of their products.

The last thing we would want is for one of these rifles to end up in the wrong hands.

Also, TrackingPoint has had some well documented financial difficulties during the past few years and while they recently announced that they are back in business, the cynic in me can’t help but think that this offer of free TrackingPoint rifles to use against ISIS is some sort of cheap publicity ploy.

That being said, maybe their intentions are good and perhaps there is some group (maybe the United States military) that can legally and effectively use these free TrackingPoint rifles against ISIS.

If you are interested in a free TrackingPoint rifle to use against ISIS and think you can fulfill the legal and administrative requirements necessary to get your free TrackingPoint rifle, contact Kimberly Chung at 512-220-5196 or [email protected]

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Want a Free TrackingPoint Rifle to Fight ISIS?