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7 Excited Gun Enthusiasts Pose with Santa Claus

Innocent family photos on Christmas cards have been scrapped as gun enthusiasts decide to pose with their favorite guns alongside Santa Claus.

The Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range near Atlanta held a charity event which saw visitors as young as six happily waiting to meet Santa Claus and his AK-47, according to reports.

Before the photo shoot, each of the guns were deactivated as organizers of the event explained that the event was the ideal opportunity to help educate people on gun safety as well as getting visitors in the spirit of Christmas. Other guns visitors were able to pose with included AR-15 and the FN-SCAR-17.

Robyn Workman Marzullo, co-owner of Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range said that the response from the people attending had been very positive.

We had people from ages six to 76 taking photos with Santa – many of them with their favorite firearm. Safety is our number one concern. We made three of our firearms available for photos and all these pieces were unloaded, inspected and deactivated. We handle all our firearms very seriously.

All images via Daily Mail/Caters

Only visitors over the age of 18 were permitted to carry the guns.

First time holding a gun? One visitor looks a bit shocked.

A positive number of women turned up for the charity event in Atlanta.

This year’s Christmas cards took on a different theme for the festive holidays.

Children as young as six happily waited to get their photo taken with Santa Claus.

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7 Excited Gun Enthusiasts Pose with Santa Claus