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Why You Want to Catch an Insect Hatch for Montana Fly Fishing

See trout action at its finest when these anglers catch an insect hatch for Montana fly fishing.

The guys at MontanaWildOutdoors have created another great video when they catch an insect hatch for fly fishing in Montana on this river.

Man, that is some beautiful brown trout fishing, but I am really not that keen on the shore lunch these guys had. You really have to be a hard-ore fly fisherman to eat your own salmon fly hatch.

What I really like about this video is that it clearly demonstrates how aggressive big trout are during an insect hatch, gorging themselves during a narrow window of opportunity. You can find no better hatches than on a Montana river, so time it right and you will be onto the fly fishing experience of a lifetime.

There is some luck involved, but a reputable guide will intimately know the hatch cycles where they guide so hiring one for a day or two will pay off in tight lines. I am in Montana in the early fall and I hope to catch an insect hatch like these guys experienced.

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Why You Want to Catch an Insect Hatch for Montana Fly Fishing