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Want to Become a Texas Game Warden?

Texas Game Warden Cadet Training
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Do you think you have what it takes to be a Texas Game Warden? Then take this chance to be a part of the 60th Texas Game Warden Cadet class and apply now.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is taking applications through April 30 from people interested in becoming a Texas Game Warden. Colonel Craig Hunter, TPWD Law Enforcement Director says;

We are excited for the opportunity to welcome and train the next generation of Texas game wardens, and we encourage everyone who is interested to apply. Since 1895, Texas game wardens have protected the people of Texas through professional law enforcement services that include land, water and air patrols; search and rescue; and tactical operations, all while working to conserve and protect the natural resources of our state.

There are a few requirements if you want to apply to the training program. You have to be at least 21 years old prior to entering the academy in January 2016 and must have a bachelor’s degree prior to Sept. 1, 2015. Additionally, there are minimum eligibility requirements that must be met including preliminary interview, background investigation, and physical skills tests focusing on agility and swimming. If you need to improve your swimming skills or even learn how to swim for the first time before taking the swimming test, you can contact the American Red Cross.

During the 30-week course, all cadets are required to live at the training facility near Hamilton, Texas. After graduating, new game wardens will be assigned to vacant positions across the state of Texas and will be responsible for enforcing wildlife regulations and protecting the state’s natural resources. Additional tasks include conducting regular peace officer duties and enforcing the water safety act.

If you want to apply, you can do so online at and reference posting #15-00478. Again, remember that applications are due by April 30.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, check the TPWD website or contact Texas game warden recruiters, Lieutenant Kevin Malonson ([email protected]), Game Warden Eric Howard ([email protected]), or call (877) 229-2733.


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Want to Become a Texas Game Warden?