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Want to Age Your Deer? Grab Your Smartphone and Fire Up This App

Brian Broom/The Clarion-Ledger

Aging deer on the hoof or on the ground is now easier thanks to this interactive app from the MSU Deer Lab.

Judging the age of a deer, either while hunting or after harvesting, isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Variances in body size, antler structure, and even color can all throw a wrench into our initial thoughts, often leading to second guessing. Enter the interactive app from the folks at the Mississippi State University Deer Lab.

The MSU Extension Service Deer Aging app is free and available in the Apple Store. For those with a non-iPhone device, you’re out of luck. The app is fairly simple to use, and is broken down into two components – ‘Before The Shot’ and ‘After The Shot.’

deer aging

‘Before The Shot’ is designed to determine age of deer that are alive. Users can choose a year class from yearling to 5 1/2 years, and when a choice is made, a photograph depicting that age of deer is shown – along with general characteristics.

‘After The Shot’ is a useful guide for determining the age of a deer by jaw bone comparison. The app also gives instruction on how to remove a deer’s jawbone.

deer aging

With deer hunting season almost in full swing, the MSU Extension Service Deer Aging app looks to be a great addition to your bag of tricks.


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Want to Age Your Deer? Grab Your Smartphone and Fire Up This App