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Want a Sleeping Bag That Makes You Look Like a Bear?

Images via Cargo Collective

This strange collective project involves an artist, photography, and a hand-made sleeping bag that looks like a bear. 

Eiko Ishizawa has created a project called The Great Sleeping Bear. He proposes to hand-make sleeping bags resembling a bear, from faux fur, foam, zippers, and textiles for buyers.

In addition to $2,350 USD, he asks that the buyer take a picture of themselves in the bear sleeping bag around the world to create a map of the bears’ wanderings.

“The map will show where this bear live the most, and what kind of sceneries these bears had been seeing on the map of this website.”


Ishizawa was inspired by a story of a bear in Bavaria that crossed into the country from Italy. It was deemed a nuisance bear and was ultimately euthanized. Ishizawa felt that his project would “generate one’s transitional perceptions and fantasies in reality.”

He ultimately wants to create a map of images of people wearing the bear sleeping bag all over the world in memory of the bear in Bavaria.


Ishizawa will hand-make his bear sleeping bags upon request so if you want one, have $2,000 to spare, and believe in this artist collective, you can email the artist at [email protected] and specify if you want an adult sleeping bag or a child’s one.



Maybe I’m just not artsy enough but this seems a little ridiculous.

That being said, I would love a Great Sleeping Bear bag; they look cozy and you could really scare your friends at the campsite. But I would never pay that much money.

Images via Cargo Collective


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Want a Sleeping Bag That Makes You Look Like a Bear?