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Wanna See How Ammo Is Made? [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever wondered how ammo is made, this video by Hornady Ammunition shoots strait to the point. 

Bullets are an everyday part of a hunter’s and shooter’s life, but have you ever wondered how ammo is made?

Sit back and watch this video, made by Hornady Ammunition, for a first hand look at how ammo is made.


In case you missed some of those steps on how ammo is made, the summarized list below should get you back on point.

Step 1: Forming the copper cup so it can fit around the lead core, then shaping the two together into the soft-tip exposed-core bullet everyone can recognize.

Step 2: Heating and stretching brass cups, then cleaning them of oxidizers before getting them ready to seat the bullet.

Step 3: Testing for proper bullet seating, after adding gun powder to the ammunition.

Step 4: After quality inspections, packaging the ammunition for shipping.

Now you know how ammo is made, thanks to Hornady Ammunition.

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Wanna See How Ammo Is Made? [VIDEO]