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Wanna Buy a Sherman Tank? French Museum to Hold Auction

sherman tank

Genuine Sherman Tank and other WWII items will be up for auction. 

Looking for some serious World War II artifacts for your collection? The Normandy Tank museum in France is closing its doors and will soon be auctioning off everything, including a genuine M4 Sherman tank!

The sale comes about because the museum in northern France has failed to bring in enough visitors. “We thought the museum would attract more people,” museum co-founder Stephane Nerrant told Bloomberg.

Unfortunately, recent events in France may have played a hand in the museum’s downfall. “The terrorist attacks had a considerable impact on visitor attendance,” Nerrant said.

The museum’s loss will no doubt be a collector’s gain however. The museum contains many fully restored pieces of WWII memorabilia. Tanks, trucks, planes, cannons, personnel carriers, bulldozers and more will be up for auction September 18.


Many of these large items, like the Sherman tank mentioned earlier, are fully restored and in running condition. To get your hands on some vintage military gear won’t be cheap however. The Sherman is expected to go at auction for 250,000-400,000 euros. (Approximately $280,000 to $450,000.)

Other items like a Harley Davidson WLA restored to WWII condition are expected to go for $17,000 to $28,000.


For anyone looking to add to their military collection, the auction is being held September 18 by Paris-based auction house Artcurial. It only seems fitting that the sale of this type of military hardware takes place in Catz.

If you’re up on your military history, you may recognize Catz as being in close proximity to Utah Beach where the D-Day invasion of Normandy happened in June of 1944.

If the Sherman is out of your budget, don’t worry, a quick check of Artcurial’s listing site shows a huge variety of military items that may be more in the common collector’s budget.



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Wanna Buy a Sherman Tank? French Museum to Hold Auction