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5 Pieces of Essential Deer Gear to Bag That Buck [PICS]

Hunting season is back! You’re ready to go, but do you have the necessary equipment? 

You need more than a gun or bow to bag that prize deer.

Check out these five top deer gear accessories that can help ensure you take home that big ol’ buck.

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera

Use this beauty to take photos and short videos of game. It has every characteristic a hunter needs for the price hunters love. Multi-Zone detection offers more accurate coverage, while the Reflex trigger snaps pictures in under a second. Rapid-fire burst mode takes up to nine photos after being triggered, and time-lapse mode catches images of game over set periods of time.

Celestron Elements FireCel

Here’s something you can’t live without this season: The amazing Celestron Elements FireCel offers a hand warmer, LED flashlight, and portable power supply all in one product! Its versatility and small size make it the perfect multi-purpose tool for hunters. Additionally, it’s got a sturdy aluminum shell giving it the durability to make it last in the elements. It’s easy to store as well.

Super Hot MA-MAH



This gem has four brand new whitetail deer breeding calls. The Ma-Mah has an ultra soft body and an auto-tune megaphone for simple and efficient functioning. According to woodswise, this amazing product works magic through the following calls:

1. Exhale for Young Sexy Doe “Ma-Mah”™: Calls Bucks & Does.

2. Inhale for Urgent Old Doe “Ma-Mah”™: Demands Bucks Attention!

3. Inhale for Short, Soft Doe Breeding Blats™ To Coax Bucks Closer.

4. Inhale & Exhale for the Famous Hot Doe Breeding Bellow™.

Viking L-E-Vator™: Portable Lifting System

This lifting system is perfect for loading your deer up onto your transportation without the worry of straining your back or damaging your kill. It’s lightweight, and simple to transport, set up, and use. This is certainly one product that you can’t live without if you plan to take home some large bucks and does.

Wildlife Research Center Super-charged Scent Killer, Ultimate Value Pack

No hunting kit is complete without this awesome product, which reduces scents and increases your ability to lure big bucks. The Ultimate Scent Killer Gold Ultimate Value Pack from Wildlife Research Center includes a 12-oz. pistol-grip spray bottle and 32-oz. refill bottle as well as a deodorant stick, a washing cloth, dryer sheets, and anti-odor bar soap.

This incredible technology is perfect for attacking odors at every level. It is also efficient for preventing the formation of new odors, enhancing your maximum hunting performance.

Hopefully this equipment will help you find success this season.

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5 Pieces of Essential Deer Gear to Bag That Buck [PICS]