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Walton Rods, a New American Fly Rod Company, Will Launch in March—and You Want in

Walton Rods

March will see the kick-off of this new American Fly Rod company, and Walton Rods are already getting rave reviews.

On March 1st, there will be a new option for high-quality, American-made fly fishing rods with the launching of Walton Rods. This company is already garnering great reviews from fly fishing enthusiasts and professionals after extensive field trials.

Walton Rods will be providing two series of rods with the Series One and Native Series. The Series One will allow you to get on the biggest trout, bass or bonefish, and the Native Series is perfect for those more remote and smaller waters; it is the kind of rod you want for mountain trout and freestone rivers.

Walton Rods will also be coming out with their own fly line in the Emerger Series Fly Line, also American made and at a fraction of the cost you would expect.

Have a look as one of these Walton Rods gets a good workout on some bass with a demo of it’s soft tip, for great hook-ups, and tapered design for fighting those fish in.

Walton Rods are onto something special here, with its two fly rod releases. They use only the best quality components along with 68 million modulus IM7 graphite blanks. They handcraft this into a rod with a tapered design and a soft tip. This combines into a rod that allows for effective hookups and an overall strength in both their series for those great fights.

A fly rod made with American hands at a cost of 295 bucks with a lifetime warranty is a rod I want to own. This is excellent craftsmanship at an unbeatable price when compared to the competition.

The Walton Rods Native Series in one good-looking fly rod

Want the final hook set? Their Select Series 6-7 weight rod is already sold out, and well before the official launch in March 2017. This speaks volumes in itself to their growing reputation. Not to worry however; they will gladly take your backorder if that is the rod you want.

Here is a company founded by absolute fly fishing fanatics who have collectively come together to make finely crafted fly rods that you will want for your fishing adventures. It is the chance to cross the starting line with an exciting new outdoors company of fellow sportsmen.


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Walton Rods, a New American Fly Rod Company, Will Launch in March—and You Want in