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Walter Palmer Won’t Face Charges for Illegal Deer Herding

walter palmer
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Lack of evidence is key in no charges against Minnesota dentist. 

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who was the subject of worldwide hate last year for killing “Cecil” the lion in Africa won’t face charges in an illegal deer herding complaint in Minnesota.

Allegations that pickup trucks were used to chase and keep deer on a property in Barnesville owned by Palmer first surfaced back in November. Neighbors alleged that the problem had been ongoing for years, and chasing or herding deer with a vehicle carries a $200 fine in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources investigated the complaints, but have now announced Palmer will not face any charges due to a lack of evidence the Star Tribune reports.

“In this situation we just did not have enough info to warrant any kind of charges or warnings,” DNR spokesman Chris Niksakanen told the Star Tribune. “The DNR exhausted all avenues in this investigation and the case is closed.”

Investigators were apparently unable to match the vehicles described as belonging to Palmer or a property manager. Also troubling the complaint was the fact the witnesses were unable to identify a suspect. While Palmer has been silent on the alleged deer herding incident, one of his representatives says he wasn’t even on the property at the time the alleged herding occurred.

The deer herding allegations are another in a list of alleged wildlife violation claims that emerged in the aftermath of the Cecil incident last summer. He hasn’t faced in charges in that hunt, but the dentist was involved in another incident allegedly involving an illegal killing of a black bear in Wisconsin in 2006. Palmer’s guides later claimed he knew the hunt was illegal and attempted to bribe them for their silence. He later pled guilty to making a false statement to federal agents and paid a $3,000 fine in connection with that incident.

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Walter Palmer Won’t Face Charges for Illegal Deer Herding