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Walleye Fishing Season Will Reach Fever Pitch in Missouri During Spawning

Missouri anglers are gearing up for the best time of year: walleye fishing season. 

Native to Missouri, walleye typically begin to spawn in early March, which when anglers gear up and head out in search of the elusive gamefish. Trout season may open officially on March 1, but walleye fishing season is just as exciting for many anglers.

On February 10, if you live near the Springfield Conservation Nature Center and are interested in learning more about walleyes, you should attend “Walleye Fishing,” a free program held by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Walleye fishing season is brilliant because the fish are so fun to catch. They are also considered the best freshwater gamefish you could consume, which always brings some fun to a fishing trip that has the promise of a shore lunch in the middle of it.

Many of Missouri’s reservoirs and large streams hold walleye and the Missouri Department of Conservation consistently schedules walleye stocking days around the state. Additionally, the fish do not confine themselves to one area and consistently move around during their lifetimes. While spawning, they typically move to shallower waters.

While the air may still have a winter chill to it, anglers fear not because spring is coming!

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Walleye Fishing Season Will Reach Fever Pitch in Missouri During Spawning