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Walleye Fishing Season Sees Early Beginning in Michigan

It's not supposed to be walleye fishing season just yet, but anglers are catching them regardless. 

In Michigan, it's not close to walleye spawning so the walleye fishing season shouldn't be that good, but it is.

"It was really quite amazing. We were able to get out this early without having to worry about the ice coming down the river," guide George Cini told ABC13. Cini is a guide who normally wouldn't be taking anglers out for walleye until three weeks from now, but is taking advantage of the early season.

Even Cini's son, George Jr., pulled in a nice walleye recently. The temperature in the Detroit and Maumee Rivers is between 37-40°. Once the temperature hits 42, Cine says, "That seems to be the magic number."

According to sources, walleye should be moving back into the rivers, and only a couple weeks from beginning the spawn.


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Epic 14.8-Pound Walleye Caught in Lake Erie on Film

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Walleye Fishing Season Sees Early Beginning in Michigan